Sunday, December 05, 2004

Washington Journal

I've been watching the Washington Journal lately. It's a CSPAN news show which has a format that doesn't make me ill. The host reads newspaper headlines and articles from around the country, and he doesn't offer his opinion. They take callers from around the country who are allowed to comment on anything they want. Most of the callers are allowed to speak freely, while on occasion if someone gets a bit silly, the host will simply ask them why they feel the way they do and if they continue to spew forth garbage, the caller gets the boot! They have interviews throughout the show usually on the big topics in the news, for instance in the last couple days they've discussed the Ukraine election debacle, today they are discussing the rush by the President to get the new intelligence bill passed as well as the dumping of 2%, or $105 million dollars, from education funding in the area of science and engineering. So they read an article from Thomas Friedman on the subject and then callers chime in on the article and the topic in general. If you're looking for a news show that doesn't assault your senses, I say give this one a whirl. It's on CSPAN at 7am EST, and is repeated at 11am.


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