Sunday, December 05, 2004

Eli Manning

Eli Manning will be fine. I watch these Giants games, these terrible, terrible games and it's hard to watch the season slip away, but let's get serious. This team was never going to be great this year, and probably won't be next year either. The offensive line is horrible, whether it's Warner or Manning back there. The sacks are inevitable. Warner played well, but what's the point of using him when we all know he's gone next year and Eli needs to get NFL experience. For all those haters out there who are saying things like "This experience won't help him, he'll be ruined!" are forgetting that Eli Manning is a human being. And he comes from an experienced football family. His older brother Peyton, who is going to break Dan Marino's single-season TD passing record in the coming weeks, came into the NFL in 1998. The Colts were a bad team then, and Peyton threw 28 interceptions. He was sacked a lot, and he lost a lot of games. It was only in his third year that people started seeing that Peyton learned the game, adjusted, and started leading his team and dominating the league's defenses. He gets better every year. I am astounded that people ignore these facts when talking about Eli.
In these few games we've seen Eli struggle. He has thrown some INT's(None today by the way). He has under and over thrown receivers. He has taken some big hits. He has made some bad decisions. But it doesn't matter. This season is a wash. It's not about this year. It's about 3 years from now. When Eli Manning is throwing those 30-40 yard bombs with 100% accuracy to his receivers on a regular basis, not just here and there as we've seen so far. Once the line improves, and once Eli starts seeing with 'NFL Vision', the haters will have to find somthing else to complain about.


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