Sunday, February 19, 2006

Make it so!

Recently, I had given up hope that the rumors of a Silver Surfer movie would come true.

Actually, on the very day that The Gal gave me the Coffee Machine from heaven, the topic had come up. It was after I was speaking of how bad X-Men 3 is shaping up to be(according to reports). I had stated that if X-Men 3 bombs and represents the true downfall of Marvel Comic movie translations as some believe it will, I will probably never see the Silver Surfer glide through the infinite cosmos, sad and pathetic yet all powerful, on the silver screen. The Gal responded with a snickering laugh, and stated 'You're never gonna see a Silver Surfer movie, sorry sweetie.' At least she is the realistic one.

But here, a glimmer of hope(mixed with shock):

The hope is that they bring the Galactus storyline to film in the next Fantastic Four movie. That would be the most appropriate way for the SS to get his time in the sun, that's how it happened in the comics and would make all Silver Surfer fans(all 24 of us) fill with a great sense of satisfaction. The shock part?

Keanu Reeves as Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer. Don't get me wrong, I want to see a Silver Surfer movie, and if it means it has to be Keanu, then so be it, but there are many other actors out there that could bring substance to the Surfer that Mr. Reeves probably won't.

All I picture from Keanu is the same dead delivery of Neo from the Matrix films...and all his films really. The Silver Surfer is a broken man, forced to use his powers as a slave to Galactus, all a result of his ultimate sacrifice; accepting this life to save his world from being destroyed, included is that he had to leave his lady behind(and boy, that did not go well).

'Whoa' just ain't gonna cut it.

Norrin Radd needs to be confident and intelligent. Keanu might do the confident, but the scientist intellect? Not so much.

I have yet to see the first 'Fantastic Four' movie, but this latest news makes me want to check it out pronto, just to see what tone we're leading in with for this possible sequel.

This is the type of storyline that they should not cheapen by making it all action, no substance. This is the type of storyline that if they make 'Fantastic Four 2' a 2.5-3 hour affair, give enough time to the development of action and relationship of the characters(and hire good actors), you could see Spider-Man money by the end of its theatrical run.

I shall sleep well on this night!

I fully expect that tomorrow this story will be reported as bogus as does happen on a lot. We shall see.


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