Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Update

Aaaaaaaaaalright Donnie!

Well, saw the GI and got the blood test from yesterday back, and all signs point to wellness!

Lypase and White Blood Cells are back to normal levels in the blood.

I found out the tongue goop was a side effect of the wonderous Flagyl I was on, and have been given small pills to dissolve the goop.

After the Dr. examined the gut, he deemed it may just be inflamed intenstines from Colitis. Which pretty much means I need not eat fatty foods or drink alcohol for the next 2 weeks until I see the doc again.

I'm keeping a log of all I eat and drink, and will need to submit it to the Doc when I go back. They also did an Ultra Soun today, and they said everything looked normal(Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Stomach, and Small and Large I's)

The final step will be September 8th AKA Manning Day Minus 2. That is when I enter the world of the 50+ Year Olds, and get a Colonoscopy.

GI Doc wants to make sure any of the inflamed areas are all healed properly.

So, as long as I eat well and lay off the sauce for a spell, I'll be good as new.

I am getting negative reaction to the news though: 'Oh man, no drinking? THAT sucks.'

Yeah, it does suck in a way, but when you have this interation with your doctor, you feel just fine:

PhilSelway - "Essentially, I just need to know if anything we've discovered here points to something life threatening."

GI Doc - He Laughs. "(Phil) you're going to live."

Thank you, come again.


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