Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman Returns!

I saw the movie last night with the Lady, Hilde and Luns and it was great! I reccommend the film to any of my friends, that's for sure. All of the main characters were well played, the story was cool (except for one thing, but it didn't go too far so I'm ok with it), and the music was awesome too! I liked the movie a lot. 4/5 stars! I'll not throw a big review up as I don't want to reveal too much. I am interested to hear what other folks thought of it who maybe aren't familiar with the original Superman 1 and 2 movies though. There is a lot of tie-in's to those films in 'Returns', and I thought the movie did a good job at offering some backstory WITHOUT going through a whole origin story. I was very pleased with the lack of origin time spent, they already did that in Superman 1 and it was great then. No need to rehash it. So, if you see 'Returns', and haven't seen Superman 1 and 2 either ever, or not in a while so you don't remember them well, let me know how 'Returns' floats your boat! Gracias.


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