Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Official: I'm Excited to be a Knick Fan Again

I just ventured to to find an article that serves as the impetus for what will now be my NEXT entry, and I saw 'the' news.

Isiah Thomas has been removed from his position as the head coach of the New York Knicks, and will be re-assigned within the organization. Which means he'll either resign and seek employment elsewhere or quietly collect his paycheck and work as a draft scout or GM aid.

The Isiah Thomas era is officially over! My God, I am actually smiling as I type this. When I first saw the article, confirming that he was finally, officially, completely gone it actually felt like a weight was lifted off of MY shoulders. Strange yes, but true none the less. If you could take a stress test of every tried and true Knick fan at the moment they all heard the news today, you'd have a world record for 'massive instant stress relief across millions of people.' In terms of a replacement, the two top candidates are Mark Jackson, Scott Skiles, and a dark horse rumor of Jeff Van Gundy. I'd welcome Jackson or Van Gundy(or both of them with JVG as head, and Jackson as his assistant). But Skiles I hope they pass on. He was always too abrasive and angry as the Bulls coach, and he wore out his welcome after 2 seasons in Chicago which is not a good sign.

Donnie Walsh, thank you. This is his first step of many that will need to be taken in order to restore the dignity, integrity and winning ways of the Knicks. And it marks the second move under James Dolan's watch which will help in this process of healing for us Knick fans. And yes, that's as close to a compliment as I'll pay Dolan in terms of his handling of the Knicks until more good things happen. But as I breathe in this Isiah-less air, I can't help but keep smiling as I think about how now Walsh will be able to look at the Knicks roster from a fresh perspective and start clearing that cap space for Lebron. Ahhhh yes, there will be excitement in the Garden again! I can't wait!


Blogger Jerome said...

Just be lucking you have team to complain about. Looks like Seattle will be teamless by the end of the decade.

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