Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Farewell, Tommy G

A few words from Mr. Glavine on his final game as a Met. The game where he had the worst statistical start of his career, and the historic Mets collapse of 2007 was made complete:

"Looking at it from a baseball standpoint, there haven't been too many, if any, lower or more upsetting moments in my career," Glavine said earlier this month. "I was angry how it went, extremely disappointed ... upset, embarrassed. You name it."

But he wouldn't allow for "devastation." Not in the world he knows.

"My parents always taught me to have perspective, to recognize where parts of your life really fit in the overall picture," Glavine said. "When you become a parent, you see things differently. The health and welfare of your family comes first. Maybe I wasn't prepared to hear that word -- devastated. As disappointed as I was, I didn't think about devastation, not because of a baseball game.

"My son is 11, he has a friend who's going to lose his leg to cancer. That is devastation. That was an awful game, a terrible outcome for us. But it wasn't life and death. What I said -- how I answered that question after the game -- was a reflection of how I was raised, that the game is fun and important and sometimes disappointing. But there is a point where your disappointment ends.

"We lost that game, and I wish we'd won. I know a lot of people were disappointed by how it turned out. I'm not happy they're disappointed. But anyone who thinks I took it lightly or questioned my desire to win knows nothing about me."

This was taken from a Newsday article.

I always liked Tom Glavine, and still do. It stinks that he had such a terrible game in the most important start of his Mets career, but so be it.

I dig what Tommy G has to say here. That's all.


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