Monday, January 05, 2009

Zaxby's Girl

As most Fury Fans know, I recently drove cross country, from Los Angeles to New York in order to enjoy an extended stay with family and friends. It's been nearly a month since I left with co-pilot Joe Wakal on a 6 day journey that spanned 3,200+ miles and saw us touch 12 U.S. states. I'm currently on the way back to Los Angeles as a solo artist, having just completed the first 800 miles by stopping in Tennessee.

During the Eastern swing, we were in Arkansas, looking for food one afternoon when we happened upon a southern fast food chain called Zaxby's. This chain fancies itself 'Indescribably Good' and it has a classier feel than your average fast food chain. I did in fact enjoy their chicken tenders.

We drove up to the window, and asked for a moment to decide on what to eat, which was met with a polite greeting in the affirmative. The accent was one of the heaviest southern twangs I've ever encountered. A glance was exchanged with Wakal. After a few moments, we decided, and placed the order.

Joe was concerned however, he did not know if the meal he ordered included a soda. He asked for clarification.

Wakal, in his deep, somewhat slow NY cadence: "Wait, Uhhh, does that meal come with a soda?"

Zaxby's Girl, in her thick southern drawl: "Noweit downt."

Another glace, and some stifled laughter ensued. Call us jerks if you will, but it couldn't have been a more perfect response in the middle of nowhere Arkansas.

As we got our food, the Zaxby's girl made some intense eye contact with yours truly.

Arkansas Zaxby's girl, I'll never forget you.


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