Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Millers Crossing

I saw 'Millers Crossing' last night and it was excellent. This is one of the Coen Brothers finest works. I'll briefly discuss some of what I liked. The story is a noir-ish tale of a gangster who always takes the 'longest way around' to get what he needs, and always clears his own debts, played by Gabriel Byrne. The 'payoff' scene at the end is incredible, it's not a surprise ending or anything, it's just perfect execution. There is also a scene where Albert Finney's character, Lou, has to get out of bed and get to work. This scene is amazing. My last comment involves the Coen brothers film making ability. When you first see Gabriel Byrne's apartment, the way that scene is set up, it has the feel of watching a play as opposed to a movie, which I enjoy. Maybe that was the Coen's ode to 'Death of a Salesmen' as they like to reference their influences in their movies. See 'Millers Crossing', it's a great movie.


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