Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MLB Octoberfest

A quick observation about the teams left in the MLB Playoff race.

The Astros just made it to World Series(which I dig, of the 8 teams that made the playoffs and since the Yanks and Sawx were eliminated, preventing us from seeing another classic showdown, I root for the 'Stros). Biggio and Bagwell have busted their asses for a long time, so if they get a ring, it's all good in my book. But it's a short book.

That means Houston and the Chicago White Sox meet in the fall classic. Funny, 4 players that will play a major role in deciding who wins this World Series are-

Roger Clemens
Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez
Andy Pettite
Jose Contreras

George and his experts, managers, and scouts must love that. Throw in the fact that instead of trying to deal for Mark Mulder, the Yankees opted to get an aging Randy Johnson who choked in the playoffs, and one might start thinking - Maybe the Yankees magic, is done.

Here's another fun tidbit.

The Astros total team salary is: $76,779,022
The White Sox total team salary is:$75,228,000

Neither team cracks the Top 10 list in this category. I'm thinking more folks are reading 'Moneyball' then ever.

That's it. Thank you.


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