Monday, April 04, 2005

Hot Damn! Opening Day! Shit!

Here's your line on Pedro Martinez' first game with the Mets:

6IN, 3 ER, 12K's, 2BB's, ND

Pedro started off shaky and then was unhittable from from the 2nd inning on. That's just fine with me, he pitched a great game.

Carlos Beltran belted a homer, a single and a double in his first game as New York Met. Not bad eh? Also, Jose Reyes had a great game, Matusi went deep, and Clifford Floyd went yard to go along with 2 singles. The Mets offense started off perfectly...if only their closer had followed their lead...

Braden Looper you are forgiven...Mets fans everywhere just hope that this doesn't hang over the team's head for too long.

I do worry about an 0-3 start to the season though. Glavine is probably going to give up some deep drives on Wed, and with Benson on the DL, that leaves Zambrano to pitch a gem on Thursday. That may be too much speculation on my part, but I've been watching he Mets for years, it sounds likely to me.

I'm still excited though, only 161 more games to go!


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