Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mixed Bag

It's been some time since last I updated. Today is April 3rd, and I shall now account for you what happened to me on April 1st.

I was driving to the grocery store and as I pulled into the parking lot, a cop pulled me over. I knew why. I have an expired registration tag, for I need to go to the DMV and renew my registration but for various reasons, I haven't yet. I have a fix-it ticket for this problem already, so as the cop apporached I wasn't worried. I gave him my info and my Fix-It ticket and when he asked me 'Do you now why I pulled you over?' I responded accordingly by saying 'Yeah, I do, I'm sorry, I know, I have to get my registration done...'

He said 'Ok.' He then waved his partner around and they went off to talk.

'It'll be a minute' he said to me.

A few moments later the partner approaches my window...

'Did you know your license has been suspended for three months?'

'What? No! Geez, what? I haven't heard anything like that...'

'Have you had any other tickets recently or anything?'

'No! Holy, I've gotten the fix-it ticket, and one time I was driving my girlfriend's car and I didn't have my insurance card on me, but I sent in proof of that, I have no idea...'

'Well, you know I can arrest you right now and impound your car...'

'I'm sorry, I have no you know why my license is suspended?'

'Your licnse is suspended because it's April 1st...just get your registration fixed up as soon as you can, have a nice day.'

Yep...funny LAPD, always good for a laugh.


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