Friday, December 14, 2007


Hello Fury Fans,

Look at this! Two posts in one day after none since August! It's your birthday, and I provide gifts.

Down to business, one of my daily web site visits(insert Internet porn joke here) is good ol' Every day I go there and get very little out of it. It apparently serves to make me more cynical as I get older as opposed to being a source of useful news. Take for instance some of the headlines from their main page, 'most recent news' section:

"E-mails hint at astronaut love triangle"

"Roaming, thieving monkeys sought in roundup"

"Christmas card arrives 93 years late"

"Cloned cats glow red in the dark"

"Naked men shop for Skittles"

THE most trusted name in news ladies and gents! I feel enlightened, and ready to face the world.

Now, the Oprah part of this entry title is a separate idea. I had an idea when I spotted an Oprah billboard a few years back out here in LA. The picture above isn't the exact show subject I saw advertised, but it fits as an example. I have wanted to take pictures of each Oprah show subject advertised on that billboard, and produce a coffee table type book. There have been some ad's that had me doubled over while stuck in traffic. Stuff that taken out of context and looked upon with an immature eye is pure comedic gold.
Lame idea or good idea? Fury Fans know better than most, so feel free to speak your mind.


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