Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm lazy and haven't updated in a while. For the two of you who read this, God bless you.

The Mets have added Carlos Beltran, Doug Mientkiewicz, Roberto Hernandez, and some minor league talent since last I wrote of the Mighty Pedro. All of these moves are solid for the Mets. They will be competitive this year, they do not 'suck', so Yankee fans can sitck it you ignorant baboons. That's right.

Carlos Delgado is a punk, have fun in Florida you giant, rich nincompoop.

Does anyone care that our national Magic 8 Ball is telling us 'Signs point to yes' when we ask 'Are we really going to attack Iran, Syria, etc.'?

Wellington, New Zealand, get ready for an influx of immigrating American Democrats(aka:pussies or maniacs)

I'm going to Wrestlemania 21 and it looks like it's going to suck. After this years 'Grandaddy of them all' it may be time to hang up my wrestling watching tights. I got them when I was 8.

Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All righty, you need some comments homeslice, so straight from dirty Jerz, I'm here to save your butt. Totally can't believe our government actually thinks the military can be stretched any thinner, didn't their mothers ever tell them to clean up one mess before they make another?? WTF. Still scouting locales for political asylum, but I'll add NZ to the list, good suggestion.

On the Mets, hooray!! We're actually solid as long as bad-Matsui gets his act together, though all the Sox make me think of all the Oilers on the '94 Rangers, it's not quite that bad yet, but still...

As for your wrestling tights, it's about time. It'll cycle back and be good again, just give it time, kid.

And on the blog generally, how about some musical thoughts? Serious lack of analysis on the current state of American rock. Later yo.


6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the bad wrestling you've put up with this far, it would be a shame to quit now. I saw Mick Foley the other day. He said he loved me and wishes he was me. Not really, but i did see him.

Also, I hope George W. Bush drinks the blood of every middle eastern man, woman, and child ... "down to the lizards!"

7:02 AM  

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