Thursday, October 20, 2005

Actual Conversation I Just Overheard Before Going to Bed

As I poured a late-night glass of milk, I hear the door on the first floor, below my window slam shut. Startled, I stop the pouring and lean foward towards the window. I see nothing from my angle, but I can hear the voices...

Man - ... and you know, so you understand, I know you tried to run me over with your car.

Woman(with slowed, almost slurred, drunken speech pattern) - I didn't try to run over your hand, your foot, over with my car. No, I didn't.

Man - Yes, you did. I saw you, you knew I was there and you ran over me.

Woman - I didn't try to run you over. If I wanted to run over you, you would know, because you would be dead. I didn't try to run you over.

Man - You saw me next to the car, and you looked right at me and ran over my hand!

Woman - No, you were holding onto, and banging my car while I wanted to drive away. I didn't try to run over your hand, your hand ended up getting...I don't know...

Man (his voice softened, the door slammed again, and I couldn't make out what he was saying)...let's just get going, I need this to be over.

And off they went into the Venice night.


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