Sunday, November 05, 2006

They're 6-2...How Will They Finish?

In today's equation, They = The Giants.

After narrowly dispatching the lowly Houston Texans today, the New York Giants sit atop the NFC East with a comfortable(but not cushy) 2 game lead over the Eagles and Cowboys. Being it's the half-way point of the season, I feel it neccessary to prognosticate on these coming weeks...just what will the Giants record be when the final second ticks off the regular season clock? As I look into my crystal ball...I see...I SEE...

Sun, Nov 12 - Chicago Bears - A Big L. The end of their 5 game win streak :( 6-3!
Mon, Nov 20 - @Jacksonville Jaguars - They win one for Big Jim and Judy watching in the stands! 7-3!
Sun, Nov 26 - @Tennesee Titans - A win, but by a slim margin. 8-3.
Sun, Dec 3 - Dallas Cowpokes - A win. Romo is burning. 9-3!
Sun, Dec 10 - @Carolina Panthers - Desperate Panthers will be too much in this loss. 9-4.
Sun, Dec 17 - Philadelphia Eagles - A victory, sealing the NFC East Crown? 10-4.
Sun, Dec 24 - New Orleans Saints - Brees picks them apart. Loss. 10-5.
Sat, Dec 30 - Washington Redskins - Win. They finish 6-0 in the NFC East. 11-5!

There you have it! The Giants will finish 11-5 this year. Two straight NFC East Championships!

I have forseen this...


Blogger Philselway said...

I was wrong.

WRONG wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong WRONG wrong.

12:52 PM  

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