Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The New York Football Giants

Since the Giants picked apart the NFC South Champion Tampa Bay Bucs, there have been rumblings that these Giants are "peaking at the right time" and "it's not absurd to think they can make it to the Super Bowl."

Bite your foolish tounges, sports pundits! Do you know what this will do to Antonio Pierce's ego, and the subsequent garbage that may flow from Mr. Pierce's mouth heading into Sunday's bunkhouse brawl with the Cowpokes?

Oh sure, Antonio as recently as Sunday after the Giants impressive win spoke about how these Giants learned their lesson last year about running their mouth...

Silly Antonio, then why did you run your own mouth on the Friday before the last meeting between the Giants and Cowboys while at a Knicks game? Antonio at that time basically said Tony Romo should be scared. It worked Antonio! Romo was so scared, he torched the Giants secondary and made you guys look like chumps.

This is a plea. Sports pundits, stop the knee jerk reactions! Please provide meaningful, analytic, professional feedback after these games. If you keep jumping on bandwagon after bandwagon, players like Antonio Pierce can't help but say 'Hey, you're right, see you in Glendale!' Then Romo and the 'Boys lay a hurtin' on Big Blue, and I cry.

Having watched the Giants every year, almost every game, for the last 7 seasons I can say with honesty that no-one can predict what will happen in the game Sunday. No-one! Not Sean Salsbury, not Mark Schlereth, not Chris Collinsworth, not 'Asshead' Joe Buck, nobody can! And nobody can say with certainty which Giants team will show up to play either.

So all this Superbowl talk needs to stop, pronto. If I have to squirm through another Anotnio Pierce soundbite, I'll be very upset. Who wants that?


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