Friday, January 09, 2009

And Who Do I See...

The night at Jon's Tavern didn't stop with Mary Jane. After some drinking, and the arrival of more locals, The Brother and I joined a select few to the apartment above the bar to escape the noise and hubbub. There was much conversation and drinking and soon a new Stamford resident joined the frey, we'll call her Stacy for the sake of anonymity.

Stacy sat down and commenced talking. Within a few minutes, we learned she had moved upstate from Manhattan 2 years ago(this is unlikely to be true, she didn't seem to have an ounce of NYC in her) and that she recently had to leave her 'baby's daddy' because he started cheating on her with the babysitter from down the street.

We come to learn soon after that the man she was talking about is actually 'baby daddy #2'. 'Baby Daddy #1' was her man down in 'Manhattan.' He had left Stacy after the birth of their son, she couldn't afford to raise the son, so she put him up for adoption. She's keeping her second son though, he is, in fact, the most important thing in her life.

We also come to learn that Stacy rarely hangs out in town, this being only the second time she has gone out in the last 6 months because she doesn't like the reputation she has, as a whore. She explains:

"Before I moved here I only been with two men, and those were the father of my children. And they call me a whore? Fuck that. I moved up here two years ago, and since then, I've only been with 11 people. Fuck that shit!"

Soon after, Stacy heads back downstairs. After another round in the apartment, we all decide to head back down to the bar to see what's shakin'.

I go to the new bartender(Mary Jane had gone home), and as I hit the stool, I see Stacy shouting at the gentlemen next to me.

"Who the fuck are you to call me a whore? You don't fucking know me, etc etc."

The man, middle aged, mullet, mustache is sitting there, slowly swigging his beer, staring straight ahead as Stacy lays into his left ear.

Stacy finally stops screaming, and the gentleman has his turn.

Turning his head just a touch in Stacy's direction without moving his eyes, he calmly states the following:

"You're not a whore, huh? Well, one night I walk out that very door. I get outside, and who do I see, bent over by her car, fucking a n*****."


Blogger DrLasome said...

jeebus dude. sounds like a great night

11:12 AM  
Blogger Philselway said...

It packed a wallup.

11:16 AM  

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