Monday, May 08, 2006

Stephen Colbert

Is incredible. Who caught his speech at the Correspondents Dinner?

The C-Span link is dead - rtsp://

And they apparantly don't want others to be showing it either -

Boo on them! C-Span doesn't like what he said? What did everyone expect? Whoever booked Colbert at the dinner may not have ever watched an episode of the Colbert Report if they expected anything different than what they got. He essentially made Bush, and the press corps, look like a bunch of baboons. And he did it right in front of their faces. Bravisimo!

Today we watched it at work on, and luckily, the link lives!

Give it a watch. I offer no in depth analysis, it speaks for itself.

Shame on C-Span for trying to have it pulled. The Copyright Line is BS, they are breaking, not bending, under pressures from Above. Lame. C-Span should be better than that.

Enough from me. Enjoy the Colbert. Here's hoping his show doesn't get yanked immediately.


A Small Debate Goes to the Public Forum!

Alright folks. During a weekend BBQ, the following question came up. I ask you, faithful readers of The Fury, what do YOU think:

Would you like a Guacadog? Or a Dogamole?

A Guacaburger? Or a Burgemole?

YOU Decide! Speak!