Thursday, September 28, 2006


How about that?

As I wrote about a while ago, it is now official. The Silver Surfer will be a major part of the Fantastic Four Sequel. Read all of the good news here:

I had heard a rumor that they were going to go with a 'man in suit' to portray the Surfer, which made me cringe. However, as reported on Rotten Tomatoes, they have decided to go with Weta and a CGI character actor to bring Norrin Radd to the silver screen...mwahahahahaha!

I look forward to reading more about the progress of this movie as info starts popping up.

And you'll hear about it too!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where in the Hell are my...

Super Nintendo controllers and power source.

System? Check.

RCA Cables? Check.

Games? Check.

Fucking Game Genie? Check.

Other VITAL components? NEG-UH-TIVE

They should've all been in the same box. But NO, apparantly the last time I moved I made the genious move of splitting up this particular set of fun and joyous gaming.

I just got Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 off of Ebay and CAN'T FRIGGIN' PLAY IT.

I'm pissed.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

News and Notes

Just a few little things today, nothing really big that I felt motivated to ramble on about:

1) I will be in NY November 22-30, be on the lookout.

2) Wrestlemania 23 tickets go on sale November 11th, I have at least 3 tickets to get for folks..anyone else, speak up now. It's in Detroit.

3) I cannot wait for the NFL season to start anymore, I am considering a brief hibernation period just to get there 'faster'. I'll even deal with the Hibernation Sickness.

4) Speaking of the NFL, I am just about to start my 3rd and final Fantasy Football draft of the year. I love them, but this year I was unprepared. Wish me luck.

5) Also speaking of the NFL, Peter King can suck it. I hate him.

6) One more NFL note, the NFC East predictions I see from the 'experts' across the board are all different. Who knows how this thing will suss out? For the Giants, it relies heavily on the health of 3 players, and the progress of Eli Manning. The 3 players I speak of? Tiki, LaVarr, and Antonio. If they are hobbled, it will be hard for the G-Men to make it to the playoffs.

7) My stomach gave me a scare yesterday, but it turns out I'm just paranoid.

8) Work is very busy these days. Wish me luck.

9) The draft starts now! So long!