Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Poll

Fury Fans,

Another nugget of gold from today. Here is a copy-paste of their Memorial Day poll!

On Memorial Day, you:
Honor dead troops
Relax and grill
Take advantage of sales

This is not only worded without a hint of sensitivity for those who have lost loved ones to war, but it puts honoring those who have fallen in battle right up there with grillin' and shoppin'.

I love life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Holy Shit

Fury Fans,

I'm damn near in stitches. You may remember a while back, I had a post that made fun of some of the ridiculous 'newsworthy' headlines from I posted those headlines because CNN was once the preeminent name in television and Internet news reporting and to see the crap they put up these days to attract ratings and hits via trash-reporting is both sad and hilarious. We all wonder what our future holds.

CNN gives us yet another glimpse into our hope filled future with the CNN branded IRONIC NEWS STORY TITLE T-SHIRTS! Don't believe me? Click the 'Holy Shit.'

I saw a story that caught my eye on today entitled 'Skimpy Prom Dress Lands Teen in Cuffs.' Before you brand me a perv, I never clicked on the article itself, it simply caught my eye. I don't fall for CNN's tricks THAT easily. However, if they had added a 'Busty' to that title, I may have been intrigued enough...

Anyway, next to the title I saw two icons. One was a 'video camera' which I knew meant this wasn't some text based tale, this was a full on broadcast story from one of CNN's news magazine programs or a local affiliate story that got picked up nationally. Again, I did not click on the icon, I won't let CNN win!

But, next to that video camera icon lay something that thoroughly confused me. It was a 't-shirt' icon. When I scrolled over the icon, it said 'T-Shirt.' This made my CONFUSION grow, much to the chagrin of's editorial staff.

I had to click it. And when I did, I laughed that sad, lonely howl that can only be brought forth from witnessing yet another step forward in the decline of our culture. If you haven't clicked the title of this post yet, go ahead and do it now.

I need say nothing more.