Monday, November 28, 2005

Feely = Heel

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey Hip Hollywood! Leave Improv Alone!


Recently I've started to like television again. And just as I start to think this love affair was meant to succeed, a stumbling block lay before me suddenly, and without warning!

As I watched a recent episode of what I consider to be one of the best shows ever produced, 'Arrested Development', a character proclaimed:

"Looks like my 6 weeks of Groundlings classes paid off."

Now taken out of context, you might say, 'Yeah, so what Phil?'

But put that sucker in the context of the show and ohhhhhhhhhh friggin' baby, I grimmaced!

As some of you may know, I've taken and advanced through some of the Groundlings classes that Tobias(Toe-bye-us) Funke(Fee-yoon-kay) so thoughtlessly 'dissed.' The character is that of a bumbling, wanna-be actor who gleefully recited the above line when he was duped into an 'acting' gig. As that statment rushed into many of Hollywood's youthful wanna-be's ears, hearts began to sink. So proud I was of the work done in my classes, only to have my dreams shattered as I watched TV in the comfort of my own living room. Oh the shame.

Then we come to this weeks installment of 'The Office'(American style). The main character, Michael Scott, another bumbling, idiot, dumbass character, is seen killing his spare time by doing what? Taking Improv classes!! What is wrong with the world? It's like the creators of these shows saw my resume and collecively said 'What...he thinks improv impresses us? HA! We'll show him!"

A good friend of mine used to say 'The world is out to get me.' In reference to him, not me, that is. Well, after those two shows I felt that same way briefly.

I'm over it now, I will give TV another chance. And I've still got some Groundlings left in me!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Loose Ends

Did I spell loose right? I'm always afraid I will spell lose instead. Damn o's, eyes and brain.

Well, this post is to clear up somse loose ends from previous posts.

Back on 12/21/04, I wrote -

"So the Mets actually did sign Pedro Martinez! How about that? My prediction - 17-7, 3.15 ERA. Lot's of strikeouts. Two bench clearing brawls as a result of his beanballing. He gets thrown at a few times while at bat but avoids any serious cranial damage."

Pedro ended up with these numbers -
15-8, 2.82 ERA, 208 K's. And if the Mets bullpen hadn't blown a few games, we'd be seeing even better numbers! I'd say my prediction wasn't so far off, Kudos to me! I was off on the brawls and beanings though, Pedro never displayed his headhunting prowess. And he was never the target of ire by opponents pitchers looking for revenge on disccretions past. Perhaps Pedro is a new man.

If the Mets can land another big bat, and improve their bullpen, they will make the playoffs next year, contend for the division lead, and make some noise in the post-season. Mr.Minaya, (Manny or Konerko) and Wagner, please. Thank you.

I will make my prediction on Pedro's numbers for '06 on 12/21/05. Please set your Microsoft Outlook calendar reminder for around 7PMish PST on that day and I'll have the post up. Also try to contain your wonder and excitement as to what that prediction might be, for it won't be what you expect.

I also recently wrote about the New York Football Giants, on 10/16/05, I wrote -

"I will revisit this issue in the coming weeks after the Giants lose their next 3 games and visions of Ray Handley dance in our minds."

Well now, it's been 3 weeks and here's my revisit. I love that I was grossly mistaken in my jokingly pessimistic prediction. The Giants now sit atop the NFC East at 6-2, heading into a game with the Vikings on Sunday that they SHOULD win. Well, now I can't help but be stupidly excited about the potential the Giants are showing this year. Could this little Manning boy be leading the team to the P...ploo....pluugh....playoffs this year? I still can't say that word without cringing. It's still too early isn't it? They still have to play the Eagles twice, and have rematches against the 'Skins and 'Boys. I need to come back to reality. But after the last two seasons, to not see the Giants tanking completely is just too damn good a feeling. And it actually looks like the NFC East is the best division in the league. I apologize publicly to Peter King and all the other idiot sports journalists I claimed were wrong about that. They were right.

One last loose end. Back on 12/10/04, I wrote about the C-Span meeting I watched about the Ohio Election Scandal -

"This was an informative discussion about a topic that should smack every American right in the face. Jesse Jackson Sr. said "I hope this doesnt amount to just an academic venting session", I couldn't agree more. "

Well, that's all is was. I love feeling deflated everytime I see that mug of Bush on TV, lying and distorting.

Remember, critics are trying to re-write the history of Iraq War 2, NOT trying to investigate the truth. Nope, not at all. No truth here. Just bitterness by the Liberals. Yay, deflated feeling!

On a lighter note to close with, I'm going to Wrestlemania 22! I give a special shout-out to my special lady friend Lisa for setting that up for her, I, and certain Wakalheaded freak. Chicago will never be the same. Also set yourself up a reminder to check for my pre and post 'Mania blogs. Until next time!