Sunday, November 05, 2006

They're 6-2...How Will They Finish?

In today's equation, They = The Giants.

After narrowly dispatching the lowly Houston Texans today, the New York Giants sit atop the NFC East with a comfortable(but not cushy) 2 game lead over the Eagles and Cowboys. Being it's the half-way point of the season, I feel it neccessary to prognosticate on these coming weeks...just what will the Giants record be when the final second ticks off the regular season clock? As I look into my crystal ball...I see...I SEE...

Sun, Nov 12 - Chicago Bears - A Big L. The end of their 5 game win streak :( 6-3!
Mon, Nov 20 - @Jacksonville Jaguars - They win one for Big Jim and Judy watching in the stands! 7-3!
Sun, Nov 26 - @Tennesee Titans - A win, but by a slim margin. 8-3.
Sun, Dec 3 - Dallas Cowpokes - A win. Romo is burning. 9-3!
Sun, Dec 10 - @Carolina Panthers - Desperate Panthers will be too much in this loss. 9-4.
Sun, Dec 17 - Philadelphia Eagles - A victory, sealing the NFC East Crown? 10-4.
Sun, Dec 24 - New Orleans Saints - Brees picks them apart. Loss. 10-5.
Sat, Dec 30 - Washington Redskins - Win. They finish 6-0 in the NFC East. 11-5!

There you have it! The Giants will finish 11-5 this year. Two straight NFC East Championships!

I have forseen this...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

They're 1-2

Yes indeed. The Good Doctor over at 'Hear Me Say' beat me to the punch this year addressing the Knicks. For that, I will seek revenge with an unholy wrath. But I loved the nostalgia trip Walt Clyde provided, made me miss hearing his commentary too. ENOUGH!

For now, I get back to what I want to do, and that's talk about the Playoff Bound New...York...KNICKS!

I'm sorry, I thought it was 1993-1999 again.

I meant to say, 'talk about the pitiful New York Knicks.'

So they're 1-2 currently. It's still early in the season though, perhaps I am rushing to judgement? Nope, sadly, I am not.

We can all see it clear as day. Opening Night at MSG and the Knicks and their fans may as well have stayed home instead to watch the drubbing the Pacers just dispatched on all their asses. This team still doesn't play defense, and they don't have the discipline or talent to keep up with the better teams in the league. And that's paying them a compliment really. Last night they lost to the HAWKS. The Atlanta Hawks are well known as one of the most unbalanced, poorly managed, and talentless teams in the league. And they beat the Knicks by 10 points!

I, along with many Knicks fans out there, at the start of the season, somehow managed to trick myself into thinking "Maybe they aren't THAT bad after all." I, along with all those other Knicks fans, are wrong. The Knicks stink. Shame on me for ever thinking this year won't be as bad as last year.

Yes, they might manage to eek out a few more wins than last year. But in the end, they will still be a roster of overpaid, overrated, selfish, ignorant players who will never, ever gel into a squad capable of going anywhere of note in the Playoffs.

I should say though, there are a few players on the roster that are exceptions to that rule and could actually, if allowed to develop over the next few years and they avoid getting any of the current poison that flows through the halls of the Garden into their own veins, be important keys to the Knicks success 3-4 years down the line. I speak of Channing Frye, David Lee, and Nate Robinson. Each in their Sophomore year, these 3 players have a great opportunity to stand out more than they did in their rookie campaigns and with their hard work, hussle, and God willing, team attitude, could keep that small, dimming flame of hope ignited in the soul of each and every Knick fan out there. I know some would say they've lost that flame altogether, but I cry foul! Lies and deceit! We were all there in 93-94...and 99 too. We all wish for the day to come when a nationally televised Knicks-Pacers, or Knicks-Bulls game on Christmas Eve is a 'Playoff Rivalry Preview' again. When you can get excited as you look at the schedule and see a Home-and-Home series against the Heat. Or smile when the Spurs come into the Garden and you know the game is gonna come down to the last few seconds with 'The Final Countdown' blaring out over a standing-room-only MSG crowd.

I know I wish for it. I miss it. But even 3-4 years down the line seems an overly optomistic prediction. If they are lucky, Eddy Curry will be half the player they thought he was when they traded the future for him. It would be nice if Renaldo Balkman is the defensive wizard Isaih makes him out to be. And maybe, just maybe if Jamal Crawford stops taking shots as if he he has Michael Jordan's Shooting Percentage...maybe...if all these things happen, then 3-4, even 2-3 years, doesn't seem to far fetched...

Damnit, there I go again tricking myself. Stupid Phil! I never learn.

My Neck Hurts, and it Spasms(lightly) Sometimes

Only when I hold my head upright and keep it that way though. Also, my jaw is tight and sometimes feels spasmy too. My pinky's twitch sometimes too.

Such is my current state. I am moving out of a period where I felt muscle fatigue in my arms and legs, and now it has moved up to my Cranial Zone apparantly.

I'm trying to push through and forget about it, but when the neck starts aching(as it does now) it's hard to ignore.

I don't mean to complain, but I did feel the need to explain why I have been on the worst Blog Posting Period of my short, fabled career.

I've been nursing lingering effects of my last Medical Malaise continually, and when you add in the stress of the job, I just ain't found the time and energy to write.

Tonight, however, I'm up for it!